Commentary for the Exhibition “ART is ART”

This selection of Artis Nīmanis’ sculptural work is a sound example of his typical methodology – a free, plastic, yet non-traditional, understanding of form. The themes portrayed in this selection, and his interpretation of the techniques used, show an increased interest in the exploration of the larger metaphysical questions of life and existence.

While dominated by a desire for structure and an emphasis on shape, Nīmanis allows himself to play with the interaction of light through his glass structures to create delicate nuanced work.  One feels the sense of an aesthetic quest to bring out the most important sculptural qualities capable of enhancing the beauty of the glass – a malleable material that can be molded into infinite forms.  Figurative characteristics, intertwined with metaphorical interpretations of life and the universe, Nīmanis’ ideas grasp at something unknown that is only possible to discover in his exhibition, "Art is Art".

Obviously, Nīmanis’ work is abstract and doesn’t clearly reveal the figurative forms represented in his work.  However, his suggestion of these forms in the titles allows the viewer to create an ideological interpretation.  By modeling the idea of these precise shapes in a flowing technique, gives these sculptures movement and makes them seem alive.  Through experimentation, a search for various compositional techniques, and the characteristics of cues, Nīmanis has achieved the core aesthetic value of his work - an inner spiritual vibration, sensitively modeled into a fine, yet natural perception of shape.  This combined with the fragility of the glass medium and tonally rich plasticity of the sculpture produces a hot blown-glass vacuum, coated with a variety of materials such as gold, silver, brass and others, make these sculptures even more mysterious.

Within his work, Nīmanis explores the origins of the universe, creation, nature and sexual energy, highlighting them with the aesthetics of light.  In such cases where the importance of small distinct details is visible, such as the work "Placemaking," the nucleus of the sculpture exhibits a subtle reinforcement, which can be followed throughout the form if one carefully examines the piece.

This plastic solution embodies the personality of glass as a medium, and its ability to achieve a smooth silhouette within a flowing shape.  Although Nīmanis’ works seems light, his glass sculptures create a sense of monumentality.  His work could easily become a component of its interior.  His sense of aesthetically stylized form, line, rhythm, impulse, emotion and sensual, yet conditional, treatment and perception of the plastic arts, all point to Artis Nīmanis high professionalism and overwhelming place amongst the European art-glass elite.