October 24

Glass bicycle travels to Shanghai

The first functional glass bicycle in the world now is seen in the Shanghai Museum of Glass as part of its permanent collection.

Latvian glass artist and designer Artis Nimanis together with his colleague Gatis Vasiljevs created the glass bicycle to prove that such a fragile material as glass can be strong and durable. The glass bicycle has proved itself not only as unique piece of contemporary design but as well as functional item. The bicycle weighs 21 kg; weight of glass details - 13 kg.

In autumn, 2016 the Shanghai Museum of Glass bought the glass bicycle as part of its permanent collection. In addition to the bicycle, the video about Artis Nimanis and how the bicycle has been created is shown at the museum.   

July 6

Solo exhibition FRAGILE is nominated for the award “Kilograms kultūras”

Artis Nimanis’ solo exhibition FRAGILE is nominated for the award “Kilograms kultūras” (“One kilogram of culture”) under the category Visual Arts.

To get into the final selection of the award Artis Nimanis had to get the biggest number of people’s votes in particular category. The voting took place until 14th of July 2016 and the exhibition FRAGILE got the biggest popularity that means Artis Nimanis’ exhibition has a chance to became the most supported exhibition within the category Visual Arts in 2016.

Final voting will take place at the beginning of 2017.

Award “Kilograms kultūras” is organized by Latvian National Television and Latvian Radio and it highlights brightest events in Latvian cultural scene throughout a year in eight categories – theatre, visual arts, music, literature, cinema, surprise, heritage and event. Every year one winner is chosen in each category by peoples voting.  


June 21

VIDEO of solo exhibition FRAGILE

Have a look on VIDEO - solo exhibition FRAGILE

May 18

Performance at the exhibition FRAGILE during the MUSEUM NIGHT

The contemporary performance of Interdisciplinary Arts Company IDEAGNOSIS is going to take place at the exhibition FRAGILE on 21st of May during the Museum night.

Opening hours of the exhibitions at the Museum night will be 19:00 – 01:00. Entrance for the event at the Museum night is free of charge.

IDEAGNOSIS is going to explore texture and form of glass during their life installation/performance thereby creating dialogue and contrasts with exhibited art works of Artis Nimanis. Four floating beings will embody varied forms of nature elements – air, fire, earth and water; the concept of the exhibition FRAGILE is based on these four nature elements.


Simona Orinska – choreography

Erna Daudzvārde, Laura Feldberga, Alda Rusina, Maria Garcia de las Llanderas - performance

Magdalēna Kairiša - costume designer

Andrējs Krūmiņš – stage lightning

Marta Kaugure – manager


The exhibition FRAGILE is seen at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga until 19.06.2016. 

Photo: Artur Chukmassoff

April 13

Solo exhibition FRAGILE at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

Artis Nimanis solo exhibition FRAGILE will be seen at the Museum of Decorative Art and Design from April 27th until June 19th.

The visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with Nimanis glass art and design objects, but also to experience the unique feeling of revelation.

Glass is a brittle, yielding and mysterious material from which you can create not only traditional forms of everyday objects, but also objects of innovative design and impressive art in the most unusual installation volumes. Original exhibition objects, visual effects, lights and sound synthesis of artist and designer Artis Nimanis open the door to the tour of glass magical world. While walking along surprising mazes, viewers will be able to discover diverse and changing nature of the glass. The four nature elements – water, fire, land and air – permeate the exhibition and the natural sound of all these elements compliment it.

In recent years, Artis Nimanis increasingly uses innovative glass processing techniques in his design process. Artist has broken through long researches and experiments in order to discover and to explore the technological nuances and specifics of this method, which resulted with original author’s technique. Innovative method is based on the process, which happens in vacuum, where glass is coated with a very thin layer of stainless steel, giving the mirror effect to a glass surface. In order to achieve even more magical atmosphere of the exhibition objects, the artist pays special attention to lighting. Breaking the rays of light, glass surface creates additional optical and illusory combination.

Exhibition’s author hopes that this will not only the exposition of glass art and design objects, but will become a space for meditation, giving visitors a unique sense of revelation and unforgettable experience.

February 24

Exhibition by glass designer Artis Nimanis in Mexico city

On February 24 at the Museo Franz Mayer in Mexico City, Ambassador Andris Razans, Latvia’s Ambassador to the U.S. and Mexico, has opened the glass design exhibit “A Latvian Voice in Glass” by Latvian artist Artis Nimanis. This exhibition is part of the official public diplomacy and cultural program of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Mexico. The glass design exhibit is the first exhibition organized by the Embassy of Latvia in the U.S. in Mexico, with the intention of providing the people of Mexico the opportunity to learn about Latvia and its culture.  

Special emphasis is placed on the synthesis between form, function, simplicity and subtlety reflected in the glass and crystal sculptures.  The exhibition “A Latvian Voice in Glass” is devoted to the multifaceted faces of glass – its stylized form, lines, rhythm, emotions and plasticity. The works of art have been created using hot glass blowing technique.  

The Embassy of Latvia in the U.S. is organizing the exhibition “A Latvian Voice in Glass” at the Franz Mayer Museum with the support of the Museum; CEMEX; “Pata AB” and Ms. Beatrice Aboltins Trueblood, Latvia’s Honorary Consul in Mexico.

The Mexico City exhibit is opened to the public from February 24 – April 12, 2015. 

May 1

The Exhibition has opened at The Embassy of Latvia in Washington

On April 29, the Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma opened the glass design exhibition "A Latvian Voice in Glass" at the Latvian Embassy to the U.S. that was prepared by the embassy within the framework of the culture program "Rīga 2014" to popularize Latvia, its cultural and artistic wealth. The exhibition of the Latvian design glass tableware in the U.S. opens a new facet of the Latvian culture for the U.S. public.

At the opening of the exhibition, the Prime Minister expressed the view that innovation is one of the main driving forces of effective and knowledge-based economy, and design glass objects at the exhibition impress with their innovative approach. "Latvia and the U.S. enjoy extensive and varied cooperation in the fields of culture and art, therefore we expect its successful continuation," said L.Straujuma.

The exhibition will be on view in the Art Gallery of the Latvian Embassy from April 30 - May 30. The exhibition will be open to visitors also on May 10, when the EU Open House Day will be held in Washington, DC. Each year more than 4000 interested persons visit the embassy on this day.



April 28

ART is ART A Latvian voice in glass

As a result of the three years of experimentation, Artis Nīmanis created the art-glass sculptures you can see in his solo exhibition, "ART is ART - A Voice of Latvian Glass."  Twenty years of Artis Nīmanis art-glass practice combines technology and artistic quality.  Through unique high-tech tests of the hot-glass blowing technique, he was able generate these diverse plastic sculptures.  The glass material of Nīmanis’ sculptures is highlighted by the contrast of light, graphic lines and a rhythmic glare on the surface of the glass caused by various coating techniques, the author has chosen to keep secret.  Nīmanis’ work follows several formal and thematic directions that examine the universe, the origins of creation and sexual energy.  His sense of aesthetically stylized form, line, rhythm, impulse, emotion and sensual, yet conditional, treatment and perception of the plastic arts, all point to Artis Nīmanis high professionalism and overwhelming place amongst the European art-glass elite.