October 30

SUN & MOON in Finland


Artis Nīmanis

Latvian 100th Anniversary Exhibition in Finland

Exhibition at the Finnish Glass Museum 16.11.–26.12.2018

"The exhibition SUN & MOON is the materialisation of experiments and most recent ideas of the artist: thanks to the original author’s technique, the glass surface is given a mirror effect, which, as it breaks the light beam, creates illusory optical effect. The exhibition objects have two laconic shapes — a circle and an ellipsis, which in a way symbolise the sun and the moon. 

This exhibition offers the visitor an opportunity to enjoy a meditative experience and to discover the unusual transformations of this seemingly familiar material.

Inese Baranovska, Director of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design"

For more information: 

Uta Laurén, curator / exhibitions, +358 (0) 40 330 4104, uta.lauren@riihimaki.fi

Sanna Väre, secretary / public relations, +358 (0) 19 758 4107, sanna.vare@riihimaki.fi

October 20

Movement in Belgium

European Prize for Applied Arts 2018

From October 21, 2018 to January 20, 2019 at the Grande Halle des Anciens Abattoirs 17/02, rue de la Trouille – 7000 Mons (BE)

The European Prize for Applied Arts aims to reward the best creations of contemporary expression in applied arts and crafts. The participants and the winners of the WCC-BF “Art Master Award” and the WCC-Europe “Young Talent Award” are chosen by a jury of international experts on the basis of merit criteria artistic, technical mastery and innovation.

The exhibition:

“Monumentality – Fragility means the same thing, the same sky everywhere, although different.” Kadri Mälk

Monumentality – Fragility are the two words of inspiration proposed by the WCC • BF to inaugurate the thematic edition of the European Prize for Applied Arts. Delicate robustness, provocative innocence, abundance and vulnerability, … Artists take the word almost antithesis or divert it by establishing a contrast sometimes plastic, sometimes aesthetic, social, environmental, … Indifferent spokespersons, they combine the aesthetic sensitivity of our contemporary society the respect of secular know-how to respond to this theme raising the existential question of self, others and the World.

For this 4th edition of the European Prize for Applied Arts, the WCC • BF shines the best names of established artists and young talents from Belgium. 77 artists from 19 European countries bring their notes, skilfully orchestrated by Evelyne Gilmont in this historic site of the Anciens Abattoirs de Mons.

The participants: 

Jordi Aparicio (ES) –  Peter Beard (UK) –  Ulla Bech-Bruun (DK) –  George William Bell (DK) –  Cécile Bertrand (B) –  Claudia Biehne (DE) –  Marian Bijlenga (NL) –  Juli Bolaños-Durman ( UK) –  Kris Campo (B) –  Sebastien Carré (FR) –  Valerie Ceulemans (B) –  Ray Church (UK) –  Gabriela Cohn (ES) –  Niki Collier (IE) –  Trinidad Contreras (ES) –  Eimear Conyard (IE) –  Mária Danielová (CZ) –  Karine De Baets –  Marion Delarue –  Francine Delmotte –  Patricia Domingues –  Dot Melanin –  Sally Fawkes –  Ann-Kathrin Hartel ) – Ariane Hartmann (DE) –  Dorottya Hoffmann (HU) –  Joe Hogan (IE) –  Lucie Houdkova (CZ) –  Melanie Isverding (DE) –  Statira Jazayeri (SE) –  Nicola Kelly (IE) –  Jane King (UK) –  Zuzana Kubelková (CZ) –  Julia Maria Künnap (EE) –  Dominique Labordery (DE) –  Nicholas Lees (UK) –  James Lethbridge (B) –  Lena Lindahl (SE) –  Reka Lörincz (HU) – Kadri Mälk (EE) –  Vicktoria Matsuka ( RS) –  Harry Morgan (UK) –  Nadège Mouyssinat (FR) –  Susan Nemeth (UK) –  Janne Nes (NW) –  Artis Nimanis (LV) –  Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill (UK) –  Jiun-You Or (DE) – Wiebke Pandikow (FIN) –  Annemarie Reinhold (IE) –  Loukia Richards (GR) –  Päivi Rintaniemi (FIN) –  Bruno Romanelli (UK) –  Kristina Rothe (DE) –  Rita Sarafian (UK) –  Helena Schepens (B) –  Martin Schlotz (DE) –  Caroline Schofield (IE) –  Karin Seufert (DE) –  Astrid Sleire (NO) –  Alejandra Solar (LU) –  Sophie Southgate (UK) –  Dimitar Stankov (B) –  Anna Talbot (NW) –  Takayoshi Terajima (DE) ) –  Adi Toch (UK) –  Flora Vagi (HU) –  Felieke Van der Leest (NO) –  Ute van der Plaats (B) –  Reinhilde Van Grieken (B) –  Karen Vanmol (B) – Graziano Visintin (IT) –  Olivia Walker (ES) –  Simon Ward (UK) –  Fabienne Withofs (B) –  Annamaria Zanella (IT)

October 9

Black pearl in Japan

Exhibition "Keisho-ha V: A New Materialism"

Thu, 11th October - Sat, 20th October, 2018 / Yufuku Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Exhibited Artists: Sueharu Fukami, Ken Mihara, Joseph Walsh, Masaaki Yonemoto, Artis Nimanis, Osamu Yokoyama, Yasutaka Baba, Masanori Maeda

“The limits of our language are the limits of our world,” said Wittgenstein. The prejudice permeating from the word Kogei (Craft) is but one example of the insufficiency of Japanese language in capturing what is truly taking place in the world around us. Instead, the artists assembled in this exhibition are emblematic of a new aesthetic movement, a movement that Yufuku considers its raison d'être. They herald the dawn of a new era, wherein works of self-expression are created by artists who push the boundaries of their respective mediums to heights not seen before. Called the Keisho-ha (School of Form), these artists signify a return to innocence, an emancipation of art from its shackles, a new and bold aesthetic for tomorrow, today. Wahei Aoyama, Yufuku Gallery

Situated in the heart of Tokyo, Yufuku Gallery represents Japanese and international artists whose works define space itself. Placing emphasis on abstract sculptures made with materials such as ceramics, metal, glass and lacquer, Yufuku's artists, wielding classical techniques enhanced by triumphs in both innovation and imagination, push the boundaries of their mediums to brave new heights.

Founded in 1993 by Tom M. Aoyama, Yufuku brings to you the finest in Japanese art, presenting the aesthetics of contemporary Japan to the wider world. But as art is dialogue, we also wish to be a venue for cultural exchange, thereby introducing the beauty of global artists and cultures to a discerning Japanese audience.

Further, we do not demarcate or divide the lines between art and craft. Although our artists' works are created using original innovations in classical techniques, their abilities to express their inner aesthetics are not limited but heightened by their unique skills, and symbolise a 'Return to Innocence' within contemporary art. These works are devoid of functionality, and stand alone as art for art's sake. How are we to define such works in the 21st century? The answer to this question may be found in our ultimate goal - to bring peace and happiness through the dissemination of beauty.

Wahei Aoyama

Owner and Director

Yufuku Gallery

May 4

Glass artist Artis Nīmanis opens an exhibition on Bornholm

The art exhibition "Sun & Moon" by Latvian glass artist Artis Nīmanis opened on 4 May at the Bornholm Art Museum. The ambassador of Latvia in Denmark, Kaspars Ozoliņš, opened the exhibition with a speech. The exhibition is part of the celebration of Latvia's centennial in Denmark. The exhibition presents Artis Nīmanis' glass artwork that the artist has created by using traditional glassworking techniques combined with innovative glass-fiber-coating technologies. The underlying concept behind the exhibition "Sun & Moon" is to visually imagine and create both the light and dark stages of Latvian independence. Artis Nīmanis has been working and experimenting with glass for more than twenty years, and since 2004 he has been the main designer of the brand "an&angel" glassware. As an exhibition venue, Bornholm is important for its glass and ceramics tradition. A magnificent glass exhibition - European Glass Context - takes place every four years in Bornholm. Also, the Department of Glass and Ceramics of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts is located on the island, as well as several glass workshops. The exhibition is organized by the Embassy of Latvia in Denmark in collaboration with the Bornholm Art Museum and is part of Latvia’s Centenary programme of public diplomacy, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia. The exhibition will be open until 19 August. Copyright © 2018 Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Kingdom of Denmark 17 Rosbaeksvej, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark ; phone: +45 39 276 000 ; fax: +45 39 276 173 ; e-mail embassy.denmark@mfa.gov.lv

February 24

Solo exhibition FRAGILE got the award “Kilograms kultūras”

On 23rd of February 2017 glass artist and designer Artis Nimanis got the award “Kilograms kultūras” (“One kilogram of culture”) under the category Visual Arts.

His solo exhibition FRAGILE was named as best exhibition in 2016 based on the people’s votes.

Award “Kilograms kultūras” is organized by Latvian National Television and Latvian Radio and it highlights brightest events in Latvian cultural scene throughout a year in eight categories – theatre, visual arts, music, literature, cinema, surprise, heritage and event. Every year one winner is chosen in each category by peoples voting.  

All photos except first by Karlis Miksons.

November 6

Read about Nimanis' design

Read about Artis Nimanis and his design products in article about Latvian design in the latest issue of the international digital magazine of Architecture “T18 Magazine” (# 20 Spring 2016).

T18 Magazine is a digital magazine of Architecture, Landscape and Design. The first issue came out in summer 2011. Since then the magazine has readers in 130 countries and more than half a million pages are read in each issue.

The team of T18 Magazine publishes works and projects worldwide which, from their point of view, represent an excellent architecture, although not the most known. They do not care where they are, their size, or who signs them, only that they reflect a job well done.

The magazine  gets published  once  a  trimester  and  is  bilingual, in  both  Spanish  and  English.  It can be  read  online  or  download in  pdf  format.

Find the latest issue  #20 Spring 2016 here.