Mr. Artis Nimanis is fascinated by opportunities and continues to challenge conventions by experimenting with the latest technologies. He develops crystal and glass creations that are minimalist in their aesthetics, functional in their design and unique by virtue of their hand-crafted nature. Artis Nimanis is driven to capture the essence of glass and share the resulting play of light, tone and form in the collections of an&angel, Glass Muse and his own artworks. Twenty years of Artis Nīmanis art-glass practice combines technology and artistic quality.  Through unique high-tech tests of the hot-glass blowing technique, he was able generate these diverse plastic sculptures.  The glass material of Nīmanis’ sculptures is highlighted by the contrast of light, graphic lines and a rhythmic glare on the surface of the glass caused by various coating techniques, the author has chosen to keep secret.  His sense of aesthetically stylized form, line, rhythm, impulse, emotion and sensual, yet conditional, treatment and perception of the plastic arts, all point to Artis Nīmanis high professionalism and overwhelming place amongst the European art-glass elite.

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