October 30

SUN & MOON in Finland


Artis NÄ«manis

Latvian 100th Anniversary Exhibition in Finland

Exhibition at the Finnish Glass Museum 16.11.–26.12.2018

"The exhibition SUN & MOON is the materialisation of experiments and most recent ideas of the artist: thanks to the original author’s technique, the glass surface is given a mirror effect, which, as it breaks the light beam, creates illusory optical effect. The exhibition objects have two laconic shapes — a circle and an ellipsis, which in a way symbolise the sun and the moon. 

This exhibition offers the visitor an opportunity to enjoy a meditative experience and to discover the unusual transformations of this seemingly familiar material.

Inese Baranovska, Director of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design"

For more information: 

Uta Laurén, curator / exhibitions, +358 (0) 40 330 4104, uta.lauren@riihimaki.fi

Sanna Väre, secretary / public relations, +358 (0) 19 758 4107, sanna.vare@riihimaki.fi